Software Testing and QA Services

The world is moving towards the specialization and perfection. Software quality engineering is taking a huge part in its development.

New innovations like tablets, smart-phones, and latest OS, helping the planet to grow much faster than before. For those developments, you need better upgrades, better testing, and better quality assurance. DevKats helps you to boost your development initiatives, testing products, and testing infrastructure that ensures the quality and test coverage of your product. Not only that we even provide you the most reliable support ranging from hardware to software.

What Our Software Quality Engineers Can Do For You?

It is our software quality engineer’s responsibility to monitor each and every phase of the development process, so software can adhere all levels of standards and can achieve top quality designs. We also ensure the customers that your product is functioning properly, so You can launch it on the market without being agonize.

Automation Testing

According to experts, time is money! There is a huge argument about low price, high quality and less time consumption. In this fast-paced planet, you really need automation testing to execute tests.

Automation testing creates the automated tools to perform faster test cycles. Whenever you modify a software code, it is essential to its testing to ensure the quality. If you would only adopt the manual testing, it can be inefficient and time-consuming. Automation testing provides the coverage on essential business values. You know the best thing about it that you can even reduce test times by over 20% and your cost up to 40%. You can use automation testing in security testing, load testing, functional regression testing, network testing and performance testing.

If you think the only focus on automation testing is an expensive practice, then you can mingle it with manual testing and can use it in regression testing to make it more cost effective.

Benefits you can have with DevKats

Every organization and businesses are craving for faster ways to develop their goodwill and products in a market. DevKats provides you the top-notch automation testing services at affordable prices.

  1. Automation testing can reduce the test cycle time and can enhance the efficiency and speed of work on another level.
  2. Automation testing can help you to save both your time and money.
  3. Automation testing is reusable because its test scripts can be used again in different situations.
  4. Automation testing does not have time-consuming functions such as regression testing.
  5. Automation testing is stable and has consistency which is perceived as key factors in consumers and developers mind.
  6. Automation testing reduces the human errors and enhances the high productivity.

Manual Testing

One of the oldest and most persistent testing services is manual testing, where testing team do not use the automated testing tools. As the name propose, in this method developer work manually on the softwares to detect the errors without any automated tool or script. In Manual testing unlike automated testing, functional testing objectives are achieved by defining testing strategies and creating test plans. The testing team?s work is to identify the unexpected errors, bug or issues and cover business scenarios from head-to-toe.

Which Manual Testings DevKats Can Do?

DevKats considers the requirements of every kind of business and ensures that all of their demands will meet in time. There are different stages that we follow in manual testing, most popular of them are:

The Enterprise Portal has many features that boast of reliability and enhance its popular appeal by being a highly innovative tool of integrating users into a single platform. Here are some of its highlighted features that your enterprise stands to benefit from should you choose to invest in the system:

  • Unit Testing
  • Release Testing.
  • System Testing
  • Static Testing
  • Software Testing
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Interrogation testing
  • White-Box testing
  • Grey-Box testing
  • Black-Box testing
  • Non-functional Testing
  • Functional testing
  • Deployment testing